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 (ăd′vĕn-tĭsh′ə, -vən-)
The membranous outer covering of an organ or a blood vessel.

[New Latin, from Latin adventīcius, foreign; see adventitious.]

ad′ven·ti′tial adj.
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(ˌædvɛnˈtɪʃɪə; -ˈtɪʃə)
(Anatomy) the outermost covering of an organ or part, esp the outer coat of a blood vessel
[C19: New Latin, from the neuter plural of Latin adventīcius; see adventitious]
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(ˌæd vɛnˈtɪʃ i ə, -ˈtɪʃ ə)

n., pl. -ti•as.
the outer tissue layer of an organ, esp. that of a blood vessel.
[1875–80; < Latin adventīcia, neuter pl. of adventīcius adventitious]
ad`ven•ti′tial, adj.
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Noun1.adventitia - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissueadventitia - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue
tissue layer, membrane - a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
albuginea - whitish tunic
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Al revisar los terminos Tunica mucosa linguae (A05.1.04.011), Tunica serosa (A05.4.01.007), Tunica adventitia (A05.4.01.009), Tunica muscularis (A05.4.01.010), Tunica Mucosa (A05.4.01.015) y Tunica Mucosa oris (A05.1.01.002) se observa que en la traduccion al espanol por la Sociedad Anatomica Espanola, se identifican como: mucosa de la lengua, capa serosa, capa adventicia, capa muscular, capa mucosa y mucosa de la boca, respectivamente.
According to the "Outside In Theory" of atherosclerosis, inflammation begins in the tunica adventitia (TA) instead of tunica intima (TI) and spreads inwards into the vasculature [49].
Twigg, "Pseudostatic and dynamic nanomechanics of the tunica adventitia in elastic arteries using atomic force microscopy," ACS Nano, vol.
For example, in a patient with a displaced proximal femoral fracture, the tunica adventitia of the femoral artery is not initially injured.
The temporal artery biopsy (TAB) revealed dense mixed inflammatory infiltrate consisting predominantly of lymphocytes and histiocytes involving the tunica adventitia, and the media with an extension into the intima and near complete destruction of external elastic lamina and focal disruption of internal elastic lamina (Figure 2).
The muscularis mucosae and tunica adventitia were sutured in second layer, with knots placed outside.This was followed by subcutaneous and skin sutures following standard protocols.
In the Non-CRM-Normal group and the CRM-Normal group, the ICAs' walls were normal with uniform thickness, regular fiber arrangement, and complete structure of tunica adventitia, media, and intima.
External Elastic Lamina (EEL) and Tunica Adventitia (TA) Johnson (2001) stated that the structure of vertebral arteries remained unchanged from its origin through the bony course up to a point 1cm.
The lung masses, the small nodules observed in the tunica adventitia of the esophagus and the epidural spinal mass were histologically characterized as metastases of the thyroid follicular-compact carcinoma.
Subsequently ischemic changes caused by the injured vasa vasorum and tunica adventitia fibrosis may induce large vessel rupture and PAP formation.
Tunica media was separated from intima by internal elastic lamella and it was separated from tunica adventitia by external elastic lamella.