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In quantum mechanics, the passing of a particle through a seemingly impenetrable barrier without a cause that is explainable by classical physics.
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(ˈtʌn l ɪŋ)
a quantum-mechanical process, forbidden in classical mechanics, in which an atomic particle passes through a region where its potential energy is higher than its total energy. Also, esp. Brit.,tun′nel•ling. Also called tun′nel effect`.
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Illegally diverting company funds or lucrative contracts to a company insider or majority shareholder thereby lessening the value of the holdings of minor shareholders.
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The quantum mechanical phenomenon of tunneling, which allows a system to go from one state to another through a region that is classically forbidden, has been observed since the early days of quantum mechanics.
So far, engineers have begun tunneling work entrances in the mountain.
But in the quantum-mechanical realm of atoms, electrons, and photons, such "tunneling" behavior has a small but significant probability of occurring.