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 (to͞o′pəl, tŭp′əl)
A generalization of ordered pairs, such as (-3, 4), and ordered triples, such as (0, -3, 5), in any dimension. An n-tuple is an ordered list of n numbers and can represent a point in n-dimensional space.

[From -tuple, as in quintuple or sextuple.]


(ˈtjʊpəl; ˈtʌpəl)
(Computer Science) computing a row of values in a relational database
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1] = malloc[int, int]" step allocates an uninitialized tuple and binds [x.
The previously combined tuples are removed, and the new tuple C is normalized by subtracting the smallest value found in it.
From mathematics, the projection of same tuple s = [[[s.
Note that a state s [member of] S is a tuple <n, r, ch> if the MLTS represents the state-space of a single flatten timed automata, and with a tuple <[n.
Let F be the set of (d - 2)-flats that have at least one Type 3 tuple assigned to them.
After a short introduction in propositional and first order logic, we implement dynamically a small database and translate some SQL queries in filtered java 8 streams, enhanced with Tuples facilities from jOO[lambda] library.
Either the sets A and B or the sets C and D have limit points in D, then the tuple [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is supercyclic on H.
i] of each tuple is generated by a random perturbation.
The uncertainty of RFID data streams can be subdivided into a tuple level uncertainty and feature level uncertainty
second, for this tuple x, we use the corresponding probability distribution of measurement errors to generate the corresponding values [[?
Tuple ID propagation is a method for virtually joining non-target relations with the target relation.
The Associator operator (a) generates, for each tuple of the relation R, all their possible subsets (itemsets) of different size.