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adj. Chiefly British
Variant of twopenny.
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a variant spelling of twopenny
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(ˈtʌp ə ni, ˈtuˌpɛn i)

also tuppenny

1. of the amount or value of twopence.
2. costing twopence.
3. of very little value; trifling; worthless.
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adj (Brit) sweets etcfür zwei Pence; he doesn’t give a tuppenny damn about you (inf)er schert sich einen (feuchten) Dreck um dich (inf)
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Many people say that for a male person, bric-a-brac hunting is about as robust a business as making doll-clothes, or decorating Japanese pots with decalcomanie butterflies would be, and these people fling mud at the elegant Englishman, Byng, who wrote a book called THE BRIC-A-BRAC HUNTER, and make fun of him for chasing around after what they choose to call "his despicable trifles"; and for "gushing" over these trifles; and for exhibiting his "deep infantile delight" in what they call his "tuppenny collection of beggarly trivialities"; and for beginning his book with a picture of himself seated, in a "sappy, self-complacent attitude, in the midst of his poor little ridiculous bric-a-brac junk shop."
On the latest two Katie Flynn books published by Century, Christmas at Tuppenny Corner and A Mother's Love, Holly joined her mother in the writing, and further Katie Flynn novels on which Holly worked with her mother are still in the pipeline.
At present, it's only the 'educated idiots' supported by tuppenny halfpenny businesses who want open borders and countless migrants!
He variously accused them of "hysteria", holding "fatuous" meetings, being "tuppenny panjandrums", a "dunderhead", a "halfwit" and an "imbecile".
Half a pound of tuppenny rice, Half a pound of treacle ...
Of occasional "penny returns" on the tram to Woolton, or even tuppenny ferry trips to the seaside and fairground at New Brighton.
Yet in writing for a tuppenny paper Shorter draws the
It is now going to splash out more than PS100million to tart up the Alexander Stadium to stage some tuppenny halfpenny little sports event, and spend a few more million pounds on the loss-making Midland Metro tram system (which would have been axed years ago if it had been a bus service, losing PS34million).
Ex-Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown said: "People are fed up with yet another tuppenny tin-pot imitation Churchill promising to 'fight them on the beaches' while weakening our defences and wrecking our economy."
(83) If the events really did occur, however, they could not have happened in the manner described in The Greenwood Hat, where Barrie records that, like the novelist in his sketch, he asked for Better Dead at Mudie's circulating library 'with palpitating heart' and watched browsers peruse but reject it at a tuppenny bookstall.