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also tou·ra·co (to͝or′ə-kō′)
n. pl. tu·ra·cos also tou·ra·cos
Any of various fruit-eating African birds of the family Musophagidae, having brightly colored plumage, a long tail, and a prominent crest.

[French, perhaps of West African origin.]
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n, pl -cos
(Animals) a variant spelling of touraco
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Noun1.turaco - large brightly crested bird of Africaturaco - large brightly crested bird of Africa
cuculiform bird - birds having zygodactyl feet (except for the touracos)
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KARACHI -- Five ships namely E.R Tokyo, Maersk Pittsburgh, African Turaco, Yasa Ilhan and Hong Dai scheduled to load/offload containers, Cement, Coal, Bitumen and Soya Bean were allotted berths at Container Terminal, Multi Purpose Terminal and
figure By RUPI MANGAT It's a split-second flight, and l miss the brilliant scarlet of the Great Blue Turaco that wears the tag only found in Kakamega Rainforest'.But I find solace in hearing that these stunning birds are still around.
With 80 miles of trails across its 386 square miles, it's easy to spend a few days here, exploring the verdant valleys and steep mountainsides, trekking to waterfalls, spotting the elusive Rwenzori turaco bird, tracking chimps or swaying from suspended canopy walkways.
The two - Kimani wa Turaco and Muigai wa Njoroge - who sang 'hakuna deni' and 'clans of corruption' respectively will now walk scot free despite public outcry over the songs.
? We've got baby news in our birds section where a red-crested turaco chick has hatched.
A recently acquired 90-d-o Livingstone's turaco had its head and viscera eaten by a young opossum that entered the cage through the slot (4x2cm) of the sliding door latch.
And then there was a clamor and thrashing from the canopy and into my binocular sights came a stonking great Lady Ross' Violet Plaintain-eater now known as Ross's Turaco (I prefer the former).
Curious to find out what species it was, the semiretired pharmacists looked online and discovered that it was a White-Cheeked Turaco, a bird which is usually found in Sudan and Ethiopia.
The red feather of the turaco bird, for instance, is a sign of power, both political and spiritual, assigned by the fon and displayed on the cap by titleholders and important personalities.
The striking White Cheeked Turaco has repeatedly been spotted in Deborah Coning's garden, in Grangetown, and she believes it is a pet or from someone's collection.
At Turaco Farm, near Nanyuki Showground Camp, the soldiers carried out the final training exercise - FTX, which will bring all their training in Kenya into play as they exercise various scenarios as a battlegroup.