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Any of a breed of domestic pigeons having a small crested head and a ruffled breast.

[Origin unknown.]


(Animals) a crested breed of domestic pigeon
[C17: from Latin turbō spinning top, with reference to the bird's shape; compare turbot]


(ˈtɜr bɪt)

one of a breed of domestic pigeons having a stout, roundish body, a short head and beak, and a ruffled breast and neck.
[1680–90; variant of turbot; of obscure orig.]
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The turbit has a very short and conical beak, with a line of reversed feathers down the breast; and it has the habit of continually expanding slightly the upper part of the oesophagus.
Results: D Bass (Horsley Hill) LPTSUN K Morrison (Whitby), L Carey (Horsley Hill) LPTSUN C Ormonde (Perth Green), A Choudhury (South Shields) WPTSUN L Rookes (Middlebeck), D Sparkes (Horsley Hill) WSPLIT D Churchill (H Hour), L Laing (Horsley Hill) LPTSUN R Choudhury (Bilton Hall), B McAthey (Horsley Hill) LSPLIT E Austin (Albert Hill), N Jones (Horsley Hill) LSPLIT B Reay (Albert Hill), O Turbit (Horsley Hill) WPTSUN J Steinmetz (Albert Hill), J Wilson (Horsley Hill) WPTSUN D McCairns (Lambton Street), C Coulson (Horsley Hill) LPTSUN M Walsh (Glendale).
Purgante fuerte compuesto de jalapa (1 planta trepadora con fuerte accion purgante), escamonea (1 gomorresina medicinal muy purgante) y turbit (1 planta trepadora empleada como purgante drastico).
Turbit. Raiz resinosa de una planta convolvulacea proveniente de las Indias Orientales empleada como purgante drastico.
Additionally, attitudes toward women and minorities with tattoos have been studied (Brown, Perlmutter, & McDermott, 2000; Houghton, Durkin, Parry, Turbit, & Odgers, 1996 ; as cited by Hawkes al.).
Moore; Finance Committee Chairman Brian Turbit; resident Peter Boria; John W.
An hour of analysis to establish all is well in a particular area is 59 minutes [and] 55 seconds of wasted time if a traffic light can provide the answer," said Neville Turbit in his article "Measuring Project Health," published on ProjectPerfect.com.
El agua del crater contiene accido sulfurico, o por mejor decir es toda ella un accido sulfurico de 15 grados con mercurio disuelto: puestas en destilacion 12 libras de ella dejaron un residuo de dos a dos y media libras de turbit mineral, util para varios objetos (39).
Gary Turbit, 40, of Beach Road, South Shields Pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly on Coleridge Avenue, South Shields, on April 3.
"It's somewhat troubling that we refuse to pay some bills because the money is not in the accounts, and we use the excuse `my back was against the wall,' as an excuse to buy the truck," said Brian Turbit, Finance Committee chairman, later asking if anyone stopped to consider what will happen if voters don't approve transferring the money from the expense account to the capital outlay account.
Sharon and dad Joseph Turbit are living in hope that they will receive the call from somewhere across the continent to inform them that a donor has been found.
Brian Turbit, chairman of the Finance Committee, noted there were a few discrepancies in the report, and was primarily concerned that the report lists the total debt service of the project as $21,750,708.54, which is about $700,000 more than what town meeting authorized in 2005 - $21,050,000 million.