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The "Global Commercial Aircraft Turbofan Engines Market - 2019-2038 - Market Dynamics, Competitive Landscape, Engine OEM Strategies & Plans, Trends & Growth Opportunities, Market Outlook - GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce, Safran" report has been added to's offering.
"The next step is to design and manufacture heavy turbojet and turbofan engines which we expect to yield its results in the next two years," General Dehqan said on Tuesday, in a ceremony held to appreciate the designers and manufacturers of the first national aircraft turbojet engine dubbed as Owj.
The RB211 turbofan first ran 30 years later on 31 August 1967.
The thrust of turbofan engine is 80% realizated by the fan that divides the engine airflow into the primary air flow and secondary air flow defined by the bypass ratio.
What differentiates a geared turbofan from a regular turbofan is that the large fan at the front of the engine operates at a lower speed than the turbine that drives it.
Recently, I wrote an article [1] on Pratt & Whitney's new geared turbofan (GTF) engine, now scheduled for airline operation as early as 2014-2016
The IAF feels the Jaguars, powered by Rolls Royce Adour- 811 turbofan engines, are underpowered, and wants a more powerful engine for the fighters.
In less than two years, the first production aircraft fitted with Pratt and Whitney's new geared turbofan will take to the skies - heralding what some in the aviation industry are labelling as the introduction of a "game changing" engine technology.
TEI has signed a three billion USD deal with the General Electric for production under F-136 turbofan engine program.
The $7.7 billion contract awarded to Lockheed Martin also includes more than 70 airframe improvements and the installation of CF6-80C2 turbofan engines that will boost thrust, climb and fuel efficiency.
It is capable of delivering a wide variety of weapons and is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines.