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tur′bo·su′per·charged′ adj.


(Automotive Engineering) obsolete a supercharging device for an internal-combustion engine, consisting of a turbine driven by the exhaust gases


(ˌtɜr boʊˈsu pərˌtʃɑr dʒər)

(formerly) a turbocharger.


nTurbolader m
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Tenders are invited for Supply of turbosupercharger complete assebmly for wds6 model vtc 214 at sstps.
The term "turbocharger" is a shortened form of "turbosupercharger," a supercharger itself usually being a belt-, shaft- or gear-driven device performing the same task as a turbocharger: compressing air.
Turbosupercharger engineers at Gottingen, such as Ludwig Prandtl, Albert Beitz and Walter Enke, were surely intrigued by Whittle's patent.
Freeman wrote that creation of the H model entailed redesigning the aircraft forward of the firewall, with new duct work to the General Electric CH-5 turbosupercharger and modifications to associated equipment, including intercooler outlet doors.
Tenders are invited for Nut Hex Size 5/8 Inch-11 Tpi To Dlw Part No.15366169 And Dlw Drg.No.1P65000-020 Alt.R2, Bracket To Spacer For Turbosupercharger For Wdm2 Locos From Dlw Approved Source Only.
Tenders are invited for Bearing Housing Te To Abb Turbosupercharger To Abb Pt.No.34101.