turbulent flow

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turbulent flow

The motion of a fluid having local velocities and pressures that fluctuate randomly.

turbulent flow

(General Physics) flow of a fluid in which its velocity at any point varies rapidly in an irregular manner. Compare laminar flow See also streamline flow

tur′bulent flow′

the flow of a fluid past an object such that the velocity at any fixed point in the fluid varies irregularly.

tur·bu·lent flow

Movement of a fluid in which the individual particles of fluid move in irregular patterns even though the overall flow is in one direction. Turbulent flow is common in nonviscous fluids moving at high velocities. Compare laminar flow.
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Noun1.turbulent flow - flow in which the velocity at any point varies erraticallyturbulent flow - flow in which the velocity at any point varies erratically
sea - turbulent water with swells of considerable size; "heavy seas"
flow - any uninterrupted stream or discharge
écoulement turbulent
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building on my recent advances in the field of rotating and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence, I will derive a set of reduced equations to simulate such turbulent flows in the vicinity of the transition where bulk 3d waves appear on a 2d turbulent flow.
Sapsis and coauthor Mohammad Farazmand created an algorithm that blends dynamical equations with weather data to determine what conditions act as precursors to turbulent flow.
The completed video shows the interesting progression of coolant behavior from very slow laminar conditions transitioning to well-developed turbulent flow.
Logarithm law is the most popular one used to express the mean velocity in a cross section of turbulent flow for wind flow, river flow, and lake models.
Turbulent flow is the most inefficient flow condition.
Numerous experimental investigation have been carried out by researchers on different types of pipes or tubes using nanofluids under turbulent flow regime using nanofluid with single phase approach.
Nek5000 provides turbulent flow simulation capabilities for a variety of thermal-fluid problems including nuclear reactors, internal combustion engines, vascular flows and ocean currents.
A portable pumping system with static mixer is capable of handling both laminar and turbulent flow applications across a 26-element low pressure drop (LPD) static mixer, according to the company.
In this paper the influence of different turbulent flow conditions on the aerodynamic drag of a quarter scale model with notchback and estate back rear ends is investigated.
Turbulent flow, laminar flow's evil twin, occurs at high Reynolds numbers, where inertial forces are dominant.
The researchers found that a stay cable with a representative surface roughness, cross-sectional shape, and helical fillet inclined at 60 degrees can experience wind-induced vibrations with large amplitudes in smooth or turbulent flow.
Turbulent flow was modeled numerically on an unstructured grid using the shear stress transport k-ra turbulence model.