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a. The condition of being swollen.
b. The process of swelling.
2. Pomposity; self-importance.

[From Latin turgēscere, to begin to swell, inchoative of turgēre, to be swollen.]

tur·ges′cent adj.


becoming or being swollen; inflated; tumid
turˈgescence, turˈgescency n


(tɜrˈdʒɛs ənt)

becoming swollen; swelling.
[1720–30; < Latin turgēscent-, s. of turgēscēns, present participle of turgēscere, inchoative derivative of turgēre to swell]
tur•ges′cence, tur•ges′cen•cy, n.
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The physical examination also identified a postminimal pleurotomy scar, after draining a tuberculous pleurisy (hospitalized and treated for 6 months, 20 years before the current presentation) and other extensive postcombustional scarring on the left hemithorax, signs of chronic venous insufficiency of left lower limb, bilateral discrete edema, and turgescent jugular veins.
Externally, the gonad is turgescent and the ovary portion acquires the characteristic dark orange color, whereas the testis portion is beige.
En effet, on les dote, a l'oppose des dieux, d'un sexe turgescent, demesure: representation du satyre qui est de l'ordre de la satire, et que l'on retrouvera abondamment dans la gravure pornographique du XVIIIe siecle (26) (i.