turkey drumstick

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Noun1.turkey drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a turkeyturkey drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a turkey
drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a fowl
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Andrew Yang posed for photographs chowing down on a turkey drumstick. Pete Buttigieg was compelled to man a massive barbecue, while Bill de Blasio and Sen.
Those ready to enjoy the games can order everything from buttered popcorn and salt and vinegar crisp to catfish goujons along with bigger selections of a smoked turkey sandwich (a blend of fruitwood-smoked turkey drumstick, picked and dressed with yellow mustard barbecue and spicy coleslaw) or barbecue short ribs (Jacob's ladder short rib, cured in the house barbecue sauce and coffee rub then smoked and dressed with a barbecue glaze reduction).
PHIL 'The Power' Taylor beat out a seasonal message with his turkey drumstick last night: "I'm back from my year of hell."
"You won't grab a wild turkey drumstick and bite into it the way you would otherwise, but they're really good when they're cooked in a noodle soup," he said.
I've got a thumb like a turkey drumstick from the blocks and spoke to the referee about it afterwards.
Fair play she's come a long way since she first got married when her idea of a meal was to serve a ready cooked turkey drumstick on the plate - a la Fred Flintstone.
USDA wants to make that turkey drumstick a little safer and so it plans to start testing for salmonella bacteria in plants that process turkeys.
If I'd wanted to look like a turkey drumstick, I'd have consulted Bernard Matthews.
I can guarantee that someone somewhere will stab their wife in the eye with a turkey drumstick or batter their mother-in-law to death with a Christmas tree stand.
She recommends easy contests with holiday-oriented prizes like the person who walks the longest distance gets the turkey drumstick or wishbone.
Overdone, such a high-concept experiment might've proved as hard to stomach as a Renaissance Festival turkey drumstick, but the producers have managed to create a mood without resorting to Disneyesque theme-park shtick.
2 candied yams, and a turkey drumstick soaked in gravy!