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Noun1.turkey leg - the lower joint of the leg of a turkeyturkey leg - the lower joint of the leg of a turkey
drumstick - the lower joint of the leg of a fowl
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1 Cut the turkey leg away from the body and once removed, cut meat from the bone.
4 Place a couple of sheets of cling film on top of the turkey leg, and hit with a clean hammer of meat.
Reddit user (http://www.reddit.com/user/Nikolaoss) Nikolaoss shared a (http://imgur.com/TBseg5V) picture on Reddit of his roommate's dog, Lennox, staring down his last meal of a turkey leg wrapped in bacon, sausage and rice.
THY said it would sponsor Turkey leg of European Women's Golf Tournament (LET).
MY son likes turkey leg at Christmas but so does everyone in the family.
And they were even worried the BONES could be used as weapons - after one patient was attacked with a turkey leg during a bust-up at last year's Christmas meal.
turkey leg, a celery stalk, a carrot, a tomato, and an apple?
About that bird: It does not go into the pot whole, so sharpen your butcher skills or come home from the store with turkey legs, thighs, wings and bone-in breast halves.
Although it is eliminating this ride, the Kansas City Renaissance Festival will still feature multiple attractions and rides including a Zipline, giant swings, 20 stages of non-stop entertainment, and of course turkey legs! In addition to the classics, new events to the festival this upcoming season include a Dragon Encampment, Highland Hill Ranch, Escape Rooms, Living History Tours, and an Obstacle Course.
Ask your butcher to remove the bones and sinew from the turkey legs and always cook these separately.
His second section is a collection of historical recipes, including deviled turkey legs with chow chow and turkey giblets a la Bourgeoise.