turkey stuffing

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Noun1.turkey stuffing - stuffing for turkeyturkey stuffing - stuffing for turkey      
stuffing, dressing - a mixture of seasoned ingredients used to stuff meats and vegetables
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Back on the lower level, Winnetka resident Jane Irwin ticked off the ingredients that make her turkey stuffing a must every Thanksgiving while keeping one eye on the arrivals escalator for her No.
TURKEY STUFFING Declan Devine saw Derry crash out of Europe and, below, Trabzonspor's Abdulkadir Ozdemir celebrates last night
PS4.90/ 19g from Boots BJUST 20 it JUST 20 minutes on a Yantra Mat and you'll be ready to face the present wrapping and turkey stuffing. Its 8,820 points simulate acupuncture to release feelgood mulate ure e s.
London, Nov 24 ( ANI ): Being a tireless animal rights activist, Pamela Anderson couldn't let the turkey stuffing of Thanksgiving pass by without offering up an alternative to meat eaters.
One in six men trust only their mum to make turkey stuffing.
Her recipe for a Christmas turkey stuffing proves that the bombshell had more than one way to get to a man's heart.
Her recipe for turkey stuffing had 11 basic ingredients and a blend of herbs and spices, and has been declared "delicious" by experts who tried it out.
Have eaten my own body weight in mince pies and turkey stuffing and we're still in September!"
24, the preassembled bags contain all of the ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, including roasted mashed potatoes, turkey stuffing mix, turkey gravy, corn, buttermilk biscuit mix, cranberry sauce, fruit cocktail, graham cracker pie crust, chocolate pudding, and Dream Whip.
Sage (F) Turkey stuffing isn't this camphor-scented herb's only use.
Forget turkey stuffing. This is weary-minded schedule-stuffing.