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Adj.1.turkey-sized - having the approximate size of a turkey
sized - having a specified size
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As the turkey-sized bird lands in a tree nearby, the Finspitz looks constantly upward until he finds it and marks its presence with excited jumps and high-pitched barks.
Unfortunately for me, one turkey-sized bird was having none of it and managed to barge its way through to crash-land on my head.
Today they're home to rare species such as the capercaillie (a turkey-sized grouse), the osprey (fisheating birds of prey) and the red squirrel.
he first episode, he explores the t tu nh Caledonian Pine Forest in the Scottish Highlands, home to the osprey (fisheating birds of prey), red squirrel and the capercaillie (a turkey-sized grouse).
Summary: A rare and nearly complete dinosaur skeleton stolen from private property in Montana and stored in an evidence locker for more than two years has been turned over to researchers.AaScientists at the Black Hills Institute of Geological Research in South Dakota say the 70-million-year-old turkey-sized predator could be a new species of raptor.