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A metal coupling device consisting of an oblong piece internally threaded at both ends into which the corresponding sections of two threaded rods are screwed in order to form a unit that can be adjusted for tension or length.
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an open mechanical sleeve usually having a swivel at one end and a thread at the other to enable a threaded wire or rope to be tightened
[C19: from turn + buckle]
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(ˈtɜrnˌbʌk əl)

a rotating link or sleeve with internal screw threads at each end, used to tighten or connect the ends of a rod or cable.
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Noun1.turnbuckle - an oblong metal coupling with a swivel at one end and an internal thread at the other into which a threaded rod can be screwed in order to form a unit that can be adjusted for length or tension
coupler, coupling - a mechanical device that serves to connect the ends of adjacent objects
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This raised 48" x 35" x 14" lightweight aluminum platform stores gear so it doesn't get damaged, it has adjustable leg positions, fitting almost any boat and can be mounted either permanently or with turnbuckles. It weighs just 35 pounds.
The 55-year-old has developed a cult following with wrestling fans and the arena went crazy as the wrestler ascended the turnbuckles and pulled off the famous move.
As well as his wild appearance, Steele's gimmick included ripping up the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring with his teeth and using the padding as a weapon.
He followed it up with a pair of dropkicks to the turnbuckles that set up the Coup de Grace for the win.
Turnbuckles allow the tension of all four slings to be adjusted and ensure the mirror remains exactly centered in the cell.
According to WWE.com, Sting was visibly hurt at the 11:58 mark in his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match at Night of Champions when he was heaved backward through the air by his opponent Seth Rollins and into one of the turnbuckles. Upon impact, the iconic Superstar's head snapped back with alarming velocity.
Where her property meets the sidewalk (top left), Waterman built a rustic fence with recycled 4-by-4s, wire, and turnbuckles. The fence is covered with Niabell and 'Flame Seedless' grapes as her offering to the neighbors.
"As you get closer you realize those cables have big pieces of hardware, and turnbuckles, and knuckles and all these different components on them," Douglas says, "so it goes from being almost a distant sculptural element to one of engineering components."
The seamen stationed at the hatch slammed down the cover and tightened the turnbuckles. Charlie's screams of protest were ignored and he was physically restrained from opening the cover.
I made my trellis from 50 mm steel box section for the posts, steel multi-core cabling and adjustable turnbuckles for tensioning the lines.
Hardware Seda (all works 2012), the sculpture that gave the exhibition its title, is a long straight line made of various types of turnbuckles connected by a steel cable.
Constructed of stone, glass, steel and wood, the chapel uses tension bars with turnbuckles at each to provide bracing for the wall and copper roof.