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1. A rejection.
2. One who has been turned down or rejected.
3. Something that is folded down, as on a garment.
4. A downturn.
Being or capable of being turned or folded down: a turndown collar.
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1. that is or may be turned down; folded or doubled down: a turndown collar.
2. an act or instance of being refused or rejected.
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Noun1.turndown - the act of refusing an offerturndown - the act of refusing an offer; "the turndown was polite but very firm"
rejection - the act of rejecting something; "his proposals were met with rejection"
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A turning down of a request:
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Varenka, in her dark dress, in a black hat with a turndown brim, was walking up and down the whole length of the arcade with a blind Frenchwoman, and, every time she met Kitty, they exchanged friendly glances.
Under the federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, which requires annual collection of vast amounts of data on loan transactions nationwide, lenders can voluntarily provide up to three reasons for their turndowns and pricing.
between stage three and four in five-stage compressors, the better solution is dividing flow in two full turndowns between upstream and downstream of the side stream inlet point.
The MPSC and SRTR (Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients) will develop a methodology that enables the MPSC to review turndowns with a mechanism that can account for donor quality and recipient availability.
Commercial Financial Services Provides You A Funding ALTernative To Traditional Bank Turndowns..
These companies use performance metrics such as on-time delivery and tender turndowns in their carrier-selection decisions, enabling them to identify and react to service slippages or improvements and thus provide better service to their customers.
People who approach the insurer with offers to buy get swift turndowns, he said.
The Wall Street Journal reports that after a long string of turndowns, the WTO finally found a hospitable venue: the emirate of Qatar, a minuscule, semifeudal state on the Persian Gulf.
The exclusive broker screens prospective buyers - particularly in the case of a cooperative apartment - so as to avoid costly and embarrassing board turndowns. In short, the exclusive broker arranges for every detail involving the sale, from showing to closing, to make the process as painless as possible for the seller.
"Most turndowns are in person, but some people with prior experience shy away from applying [for public defense]," says Michael Tobin, director of the Wisconsin Public Defender trial division.
"It leads to higher loan turndowns, higher interest charged and higher collateral requirements," he says.
Poor decisions can increase the foreclosure rate, inhibit the ability to sell loans to the secondary market, or result in unnecessary loan turndowns, in effect turning away profitable business.