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a. One that turns a roasting spit.
b. A roasting spit that can be turned.
2. A dog formerly used in a treadmill to turn a roasting spit.


1. (Historical Terms) (formerly) a servant or small dog whose job was to turn the spit on which meat, poultry, etc, was roasting
2. (Cookery) a spit that can be so turned



1. a spit that rotates or can be rotated.
2. a person who turns a spit.
3. a small dog formerly used to work a treadmill that turned a spit.
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Noun1.turnspit - a roasting spit that can be turnedturnspit - a roasting spit that can be turned  
spit - a skewer for holding meat over a fire


[ˈtɜːnspɪt] Nmecanismo m que da vueltas al asador
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The moment he appeared at the kitchen door with the candle in his hand, a faint whimpering began in the chimney-corner, and a brown- and-tan-coloured bitch, of that wise-looking breed with short legs and long body, known to an unmechanical generation as turnspits, came creeping along the floor, wagging her tail, and hesitating at every other step, as if her affections were painfully divided between the hamper in the chimney-corner and the master, whom she could not leave without a greeting.
resumed Jehanne; "don't you see, sister, that this little monster is at least four years old, and that he would have less appetite for your breast than for a turnspit.
So it has probably been with the turnspit dog; and this is known to have been the case with the ancon sheep.