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A black liquid used for drawing in lithography and as a resist in etching and silk-screen work.

[German, back-formation from tuschen, to lay on colors, from French toucher, from Old French tochier, touchier, to touch; see touch.]


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a substance used in lithography for drawing the design and as a resist in silk-screen printing and lithography
[from German, from tuschen to touch up with colour or ink, from French toucher to touch]


(ˈtʊʃ ə)

a greaselike liquid used in lithography as a medium receptive to lithographic ink, and in etching and silkscreen as a resist.
[1905–10; < German, n. derivative of tuschen to lay on color or ink < French toucher to touch]
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Princess Nora then created her own stationery company Tusche London and a range of greeting cards.
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A number of studies have demonstrated that elevated stress levels are associated with a reduction in the ability to recall certain events (Kramer, Buckhout, Fox, Widman & Tusche, 1991; Schwabe and Wolfe, 2010).
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I had trouble printing a great tusche wash, and went for a sense of abandonment in my printmaking," Sandell says.
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