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1. A small bouquet of flowers; a nosegay.
2. A cone-shaped holder for such a bouquet.

[Middle English tussemose, perhaps reduplication of *tusse.]
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Each bridesmaid carried a tussie-mussie of miniature yellow calla lilies with lily and bear grass.
This design form is also called circular, round mound, roundy-moundy, nosegay, and tussie-mussie.
The bridesmaids carried matching bouquets set in sterling silver tussie-mussie holders.
Make several similar nosegays to place on vintage crocheted doilies for quick table arrangements or a single fabric posy tussie-mussie to place on a tea table or to use as an accent piece in a grouping on a table or chest.
Also called a tuzzy-muzzy, or tussie-mussie, and posie bouquet.
A courtship was often started by sending a flower nosegay or tussie-mussie.
Keeping with Old South charm, bouquets for the mothers, grandmothers, and Katie's godmother were presented in silver tussie-mussie holders with charms.
The bouquet was arranged in a silver tussie-mussie that Katherine received at her 2002 debutante presentation.
The center of the bouquet held white miniature calla lilies encircled with dark pink Sweet Unique roses, pale pink Anna roses, and cream Virginia roses collared in white wax flowers and arranged in a silver tussie-mussie.
Honorary bridesmaid Kittie Nance Loynachan carried a tussie-mussie of roses and lilies accented with a handkerchief.
Miss Skylar Nicole Bundrum, flower girl, wearing a replica of the bride's gown, carried a Christmastime tussie-mussie.
She carried a bouquet of ivory peonies, pink hydrangeas, and gardenias beautifully arranged in an antique, silver and mother of pearl tussie-mussie holder borrowed from the groom's sister.