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A clump or tuft, as of growing grass.

[Origin unknown.]

tus′sock·y adj.
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Another notable part of the race is the run up to the last big climb, the tussocky grass and bog saps the runners' legs before Well Hill which is blessed with false summits to further demoralise the tired runner.
It's quite a view, and one that reveals itself suddenly, taking you by surprise as you approach the summit from Creagan nan Laogh, especially as for the previous hour or so you've been staring at the grass slope in front of you or stumbling through a wet, tussocky marshland.
Common frogs are amphibians, breeding in ponds during the spring and spending much of the rest of the year feeding in woodland, gardens, hedgerows and tussocky grassland.
land, / Tussocky, littered." "Bed, upright chair, sixty-watt
You walked down a rutted road and came out on to stretches of fine, wet, tussocky grass dotted with little naked birches.
Once, we cut ourselves an arrow-straight willow rod with Dad's penknife, and we sat on the tussocky grass while he showed me how to peel off a strip of bark scored with the knife in a double spiral down the length of it, to make a decorated walking stick.
The previous day it had been a piece of tussocky land which my kids and their pals used as an adventure playground and for bonfire night revelry.
I wade through tussocky grass well over my knees, each step into an unknown warren of holes as I struggle to the top of one ridge.
"Take the footpath through a small, tussocky pasture" Now what's one of those when it's at home?
Reference sites have tussocky tundra dominated by Erio-phorum vaginatum--Ledum decumbens--Betula glandulosa (sheathed cottongrass--northern Labrador tea--dwarf birch) vegetation (<30 cm tall) (Fig.
* Stoloniferous grasses had lower runoff and soil movement than pastures dominated by tussocky perennial grass, when compared at the same level of cover (Scanlan et al.