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Variant of tussah.
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(tʊˈsɔː; ˈtʌsə) ,




1. (Textiles) a strong coarse brownish Indian silk obtained from the cocoons of an Oriental saturniid silkworm, Antheraea paphia
2. (Textiles) a fabric woven from this silk
3. (Animals) the silkworm producing this silk
[C17: from Hindi tasar shuttle, from Sanskrit tasara a wild silkworm]
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or tus•seh

(ˈtʌs ə)

1. a rough silk from India, commonly woven in its natural, undyed tan color. Compare Shantung (def. 2).
2. the silkworm of an Oriental moth of the genus Antheraea, as A. mylitta, that produces this silk.
[1580–90; earlier tusser < Hindi tasar shuttle; compare Skt tasara, trasara kind of silkworm]
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Noun1.tussore - oriental moth that produces brownish silktussore - oriental moth that produces brownish silk
saturniid, saturniid moth - large brightly colored and usually tropical moth; larvae spin silken cocoons
Antheraea, genus Antheraea - large moths whose larvae produce silk of high quality
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Again, there was the insect house, where she lifted the blinds of the little cages, and marveled at the purple circles marked upon the rich tussore wings of some lately emerged and semi-conscious butterfly, or at caterpillars immobile like the knobbed twigs of a pale-skinned tree, or at slim green snakes stabbing the glass wall again and again with their flickering cleft tongues.
Consisting of ready-to-wear pieces that's all about fabrics and textures, the collection's stand-out styles include a dyed satin over shirt, double gauze shorts, and a tussore short sleeve shirt all in the key color: indigo.
Wardle combined his dye experiments with a long-standing interest in India's tussur silk (variously spelt tassar, tussar, tussore or tassah).