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 (to͞o-tē′, tyo͞o-)
One who is being tutored.

[tut(or) + -ee.]


(Education) a person who is tutored, esp in a university
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Noun1.tutee - learns from a tutortutee - learns from a tutor      
assimilator, learner, scholar - someone (especially a child) who learns (as from a teacher) or takes up knowledge or beliefs
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In peer tutoring, the tutor develops their individual information by repeating the material on numerous intervals to the tutee. Peer tutor is a temporary fellow of the tutee; they are subject to be in different classes and age groups (van Keer, Duran, and Topping, 2015).
It is important, too, to consider the interests of the pupil when developing a curriculum for the tutee. Interest is a powerful factor in learning.
In addition, results showed that meaningful gains were observed regardless of the role students were assigned, including tutor, tutee, or for students alternating between roles.
Thankful, appreciative, and appropriately friendly, this tutee of yours will make you feel good about yourself and what you're doing.
The tutee orientation provided the staff with the opportunity to develop a relationship with the tutee and discuss the roles and responsibilities of the tutor, tutee, and technical support.
teach the tutee the correct way of doing it, and then they pick out the mistakes themselves, and I feel like that's pretty much exactly what our class was.
Because traditional tutoring is hindered with the issue of distance, inefficiency, and expenditure, e-tutoring has come about by providing communication and interaction between tutor and tutee through the Internet.
Now listen to eighty, foray, foresee, forum, foreign, onesy, sixty, tennis, tenty ("attentive"), and tutee ("one who is tutored").
The tutee became frustrated as she struggled to solidify her various arguments into a cohesive thesis.