tuxedo sofa

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tuxe′do so′fa

an overstuffed sofa with arms, either straight or curving slightly outward, the same height as the back.
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Room Two (pictured here) features a tufted Belmont Tuxedo sofa and a working boombox with tape collection; Room Eight, designed and built by Hennes himself, is a paean to its rustic setting, with a vintage quilt and walls clad in salvaged lumber.
In the lobby, stacks of books on art and architecture are perfectly flush with the edges of a glass and sheet-metal side table; a cleanly lit display of iconic chair miniatures designed by the likes of Frank Gehry, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charles and Ray Eames, along with the odd vintage Rolleiflex camera, are meticulously spaced to give each item maximum impact; an L-shaped Tuxedo Sofa from the Herman Miller showroom gives visitors a gallery-like corner to collect their thoughts; and potted orchids provide the occasional splash of organic color.
Therese Virserius Design by AOM includes a tailored wing chair evoking a modified feminine interpretation of the English masculine classic, an eleven-foot tuxedo sofa with tufting and tight back, a set of square, upholstered ottomans set inside a removable wood casing that doubles as tray and sophisticated bar stools made of ebony wood.