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n. pl. tux·e·dos or tux·e·does
1. A dress jacket, usually black with satin or grosgrain lapels, worn for formal or semiformal occasions. Also called dinner jacket.
2. A complete outfit including this jacket, trousers usually with a silken stripe down the side, a bow tie, and often a cummerbund.

[Short for Tuxedo coat, after a country club at Tuxedo Park, a village of southeast New York.]

tux·e′doed adj.
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(Clothing & Fashion) wearing a tuxedo
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Adj.1.tuxedoed - dressed in a tuxedotuxedoed - dressed in a tuxedo; "a tuxedoed gentleman"
clad, clothed - wearing or provided with clothing; sometimes used in combination; "clothed and in his right mind"- Bible; "proud of her well-clothed family"; "nurses clad in white"; "white-clad nurses"
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At the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2010, when Run This Town won Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna an award for Best Rap/Song Collaboration, Jay-Z and Rihanna took a tuxedoed Julez up with them onto stage.
Stranded there, too, is a treasure-hunter named Zoe (Jenny Slate), who arrived on the island eight or nine years before (she can't remember) and has gone a bit bonkers: Her "friends" are an assortment of balls (golf, basket-, base-, foot-), all of which have names, a sendup of "Cast Away" that will have the film's Intended viewers scratching their 4-year-old heads (as will Alvin's tuxedoed James Bond homage).
Yet the most haunting of these might be a brief shot, from the POV of beleaguered wife Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall), of two ghosts in flagrante delicto, one dressed in a bear costume, on "his" knees and apparently servicing a tuxedoed man seated on the edge of a bed.
He did that a couple of years, copped an Emmy and then was offered a grown-up news show called "4 Today." The offer included a little side gig: that of tuxedoed lottery host.
During a brief interview, he asks a tuxedoed Dean if a spot on his chin is noticeable.
Ann Miller spent her youth tap dancing around regiments of admiring sailors and tuxedoed gents.
Chandeliers and wall-lights bathed this tuxedoed sextet in a sickly amber glow, making them look like the hotel entertainment in The Shining.
But this time I was stopped by a picture with two fancy tuxedoed men and one woman in a black cocktail dress walking through a manicured field, carrying champagne flutes and laugh-laugh-laughing, well, gaily.
Three impeccably dressed alligators emerge from a gigantic cigar box bearing the ravishing logo of a reptile-headed tuxedoed gent, the ultimate symbol of Old Floridian luxury.
Kriegenburg got high marks for his audacious, body-driven vision and there were other nice visual touches--for example, the tuxedoed men servants in Act 11 of Die walkure, one of whom offers his back as a writing desk for Wotan.
The tiny tuxedoed woman with the big hair and huge voice who was discovered in Atlanta by Combs is on tour with Prince, and nominated for two Grammy Awards.
CUTLINE: (1) Kent Russell (left), curator of the Museum of Russian Icons, which was honored with the Economic Development Award Wednesday night at the Wachusett Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting, speaks with a tuxedoed David Dunn, whose company, Dunn and Co., was honored as Business of the Year.