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announcer - reads news, commercials on radio or television
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1936: Elizabeth Cowell, Britain's first woman TV announcer, made her debut at Alexandra Palace.
When the winning moment came, Woods allowed himself to scream, smile and relish what TV announcer Jim Nantz called 'a return to glory.' Nantz also once called Woods' first victory in 1997 as a 'win for the ages.'
Writer and TV announcer Yasmine El-Khateib described him as a "son of Pharaohs," alluding to his Egyptian roots.
He retired from competitive skating in 2015 but remained involved in the sport as a coach and a TV announcer.
'We are implementing this part after meeting Sultan al Amri, the first hearing impaired TV announcer in Arabia.'
To make his point the TV announcer asked his panel of guests, "Who managed the crematoria there?"
I KEPT thinking it was some weird telly prank (assumes a posh TV announcer's voice): "We persuaded Phill to put a dress on and sing some songs." But they said they knew I could sing because of the intro round on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and I said "You mean when I go nah, nah, nah, nah?" And they said "yes".
A TV announcer told fans: "Oh my gosh someone just fell over the upper deck right below us."
The declaration was read out by TV announcer who said the move marked "a new era that will take Yemen to safe shores." It was televised to the nation on the rebels' television network, Al-Masseria TV.
Roller Derby Games are announced by Los Angeles-based TV announcer Danny Wolf.
He knew Garnett well from having served as the Timberwolves' TV announcer.