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v. twanged, twang·ing, twangs
1. To emit a sharp, vibrating sound, as the string of a musical instrument does when it is plucked.
2. To resound with a sharp, vibrating sound.
3. To speak in a strongly nasal tone of voice.
1. To cause to make a sharp, vibrating sound: twanged the car antenna.
2. To utter with a strongly nasal tone of voice.
1. A sharp, vibrating sound, as that of a plucked string.
2. A strongly nasal tone of voice, especially as a peculiarity of certain regional dialects.


twang′y adj.


[ˈtwæŋɪ] ADJ [string etc] → elástico, muy estirado; [accent] → nasal, gangoso


adj (+er) voicenäselnd; guitar etcklimpernd
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A slightly darker beast than The Rocketeers and Louis Louis Louis, they lean heavily towards twangy surf rock and lean garage punk, resulting in a more muscular sound that's a pleasure to behold live.
A short video with twangy music and upbeat testimonials from Silverado owners was followed by the introduction of four of the eight Silverado models at different price points and with slightly different styling.
Soaring harmonies and thoughtful songs from the London-based Isabella Mariee and Lewis Fowler were perfectly complemented by impressive, yet restrained, twangy solos from guest guitarist Michael Clancy.
A double album, it feels a bit long-winded at times, but it's a hearty old slog through twangy guitars, bluegrass-esque melodies and a few well-placed relaxing filler songs that take you easily from one foot-bopping track to the next.
With its twangy guitar and downbeat rhythm, "Mama Said" has a circa-1960 Patsy Cline quality that will play well with country purists and hipsters alike.
The low-frequency moaning part is typical of baleen whales, and it's that kind of twangy sound that makes it really unique.
A new generation of Grateful Dead-inspired songcraft, the twangy Americana band Midnight North, will play at Hi-Fi Music Hall on Friday.
Playing an upside down Fender Stratocaster left handed, with heavy gauge strings the thickness of piano wire, Dick defined the high energy, twangy, high volume surf guitar sound.
6 See country queen Lucinda Williams at Glasgow's City Halls and lap up twangy geetar on Thursday.
Amusing illustrations with bits of fabric collage help heighten the twangy country tone of this rollicking tale, and dialogue with lots of Southern twists flavors the mix.
The Bakersfield disc takes a sharp right turn with lots of pedal steel and twangy Fender guitars.
Critics mostly disliked the simple humor and twangy country music, and sometimes it was criticized for perpetuating stereotypes.