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Adj.1.twenty-eighth - coming next after the twenty-seventh in positiontwenty-eighth - coming next after the twenty-seventh in position
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
References in classic literature ?
There are," whispered Robert, "Didn't you know this was the twenty-eighth of August?
On the twenty-eighth of August, at the hour of midnight, and if the moon is shining--the moon must be shining--a spirit that has haunted these shores for ages rises up from the Gulf.
The king, as we have said, was to follow as soon as his Bed of Justice had been held; but on rising from his Bed of Justice on the twenty-eighth of June, he felt himself attacked by fever.
On the twenty-eighth of every month he makes me say a mass for the repose of the soul of one who died a violent death; yesterday I said this mass again.
And," continued D'Artagnan, "on the twenty-eighth of last month I added to it two hundred thousand livres more.
Archer, who had long been a widow, lived with her son and daughter in West Twenty-eighth Street.
On the twenty-eighth of October Kutuzov with his army crossed to the left bank of the Danube and took up a position for the first time with the river between himself and the main body of the French.
You will also kindly note for your own future convenience that to-day is not Friday, August the twenty-seventh, but Saturday, August the twenty-eighth, and that you sat senseless in your cab for twenty-eight hours upon the Rotherfield hill.
The investigations at Gleninch and elsewhere, beginning on the twenty-sixth of October, were not completed until the twenty-eighth.
But the only zones of the globe in which the moon passes the zenith, that is, the point directly over the head of the spectator, are of necessity comprised between the twenty-eighth parallels and the equator.
It was mathematically at its perigee, and at the zenith of the twenty-eighth parallel.
I left London by a steamer belonging to another company, which sailed on the morning of Thursday the twenty-eighth.