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(ˌɒnɪˈkɪə) or


(Veterinary Science) vet science inflammation of the nails or claws of animals


inflammation and ulceration at the base of a fingernail; a felon or whitlow.
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n. oniquia, infl. de la matriz de una uña.
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Failure to both treatments (constant NAPSI) was observed in a patient with twenty-nail dystrophy. Bilateral complete response (NAPSI of zero) was observed in three patients.
"Twenty-nail dystrophy," also known as trachyonychia, presents with longitudinal ridges, lost of luster, sandpaper-like rough appearance, and pitting.
Differential Diagnosis of Onychomycosis (18-21) * Nail trauma * Psoriasis * Lichen planus * Paronychia * Bacterial infection * Pachyonychia congenita * Nail bed tumors (squamous cell carcinoma) and verrucae * Yellow nail syndrome * Alopecia areata * Contact/atopic dermatitis * Idiopathic onycholysis * Twenty-nail dystrophy (trachyonychia) * Nail changes associated with systemic disease or nail cosmetics