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(twĕn′tē-wŭn′, twŭn′-)
n. Games


(Card Games) another name (esp US) for pontoon21


1. a cardinal number, 20 plus 1.
2. a symbol for this number, as 21 or XXI.
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Noun1.twenty-one - the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty and onetwenty-one - the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty and one
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
2.twenty-one - a gambling game using cardstwenty-one - a gambling game using cards; the object is to hold cards having a higher count than those dealt to the banker up to but not exceeding 21
card game, cards - a game played with playing cards
Adj.1.twenty-one - being one more than twentytwenty-one - being one more than twenty    
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
References in classic literature ?
Twenty-one rubles," he said, pointing to the figure twenty-one by which the total exceeded the round sum of forty-three thousand; and taking up a pack he prepared to deal.
"Well, with seven roubles each," said Trudolyubov, "twenty-one roubles between the three of us, we ought to be able to get a good dinner.
The personal estate, or, in other words, the money to which Miss Fairlie would become entitled on reaching the age of twenty-one years, is the next point to consider.
By making twelve miles an hour, she would cross the ocean in twenty-one days.
I was twenty-one years old, and in splendid physical condition.
By degrees, the number of his people increased, until, by midnight, there were twenty-one of them about the camp, who began to be impudent and troublesome.
He wants me to find him a trustworthy young groom, about twenty or twenty-one, who knows his business.
She was to furnish typewritten bills of fare for the twenty-one tables in the restaurant--a new bill for each day's dinner, and new ones for breakfast and lunch as often as changes occurred in the food or as neatness required.
After eight months' imprisonment he was with twenty-one others taken out to the Semyonovsky Square to be shot.
Guillaume Lejean, intrusted with a mission by the French Government, reached Karthoum by way of the Red Sea, and embarked upon the Nile with a retinue of twenty-one hired men and twenty soldiers, but he could not get past Gondokoro, and ran extreme risk of his life among the negro tribes, who were in full revolt.
The hundred largest hotels in New York City have twenty-one thousand telephones--nearly as many as the continent of Africa and more than the kingdom of Spain.