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Adj.1.twenty-second - coming next after the twenty-first in positiontwenty-second - coming next after the twenty-first in position
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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The marriage is fixed for the twenty-second of December.
The lady not being at hand to speak for herself, her guardian had decided, in her absence, on the earliest day mentioned--the twenty-second of December, and had written to recall us to Limmeridge in consequence.
Don't tell him about THE TWENTY-SECOND," she whispered.
On the morning of the twenty-second, grandfather announced at breakfast that it would be impossible to go to Black Hawk for Christmas purchases.
The woman, Nehmes Bastet, was a singer for the supreme deity Amon Ra during the Twenty-Second Dynasty (945-712 BC), according to an inscription on a wooden plaque found in the tomb.
125 South Twenty-Second Street, Philadelphia, PN 19103-4399
Last June, Ohio had its twenty-second Annual All-Ohio Piano Ensemble, and the event honored Ohio composer Robert Vandall, NCTM, with an "all Vandall program.
The Casa is the twenty-second multi-family condominium building designed by Scarano & Associates Architects in the Williamsburg area within the past two years and Scarano's Eugene Dubretsky is the design architect for the project.