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v. twid·dled, twid·dling, twid·dles
To turn over or around idly or lightly; fiddle with: "Couples are twiddling swizzle sticks while waiting for their tables" (Bryan Miller).
1. To trifle with something.
2. To be busy about trifles.
3. To twirl or rotate without purpose.
The act or an instance of twiddling.
twiddle (one's) thumbs
To do little or nothing; be idle.

[Possibly blend of twist and fiddle.]

twid′dler n.
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Noun1.twiddler - someone who manipulates in a nervous or unconscious manner
manipulator - a person who handles things manually
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Thankfully, knob twiddler Mark, 43, stayed sober enough to DJ at Paul McCartney's wedding in 2011.
This case represents the classical Twiddler's syndrome in an ICD with potential lethal consequences.
Sentences become more difficult to text as the game levels progress and players can earn badges designed to tell their friends whether they're a "Molasses Hands" or "Turbo Twiddler."
The implanted Envelope reduces the chance of device migration, erosion, or Twiddler Syndrome.
However, this syndrome was thought to be a variant of Twiddler's syndrome, consciously or unconsciously manipulation by the patient is not required (1-5).
LIES Burns The Scot electro-dance knob twiddler has been bubbling under for a while.
The former Roxy Music guru still plays a major part in the album, but more as a band member than a studio knob twiddler. His ideas have been fully integrated into the 13-song setlist.
Is Socrates not better described as a twiddler of concepts and arguments while the cities and the country sides of the world burn?
Chordic keyboards (Twiddler; have a smaller number of keys and letters; combinations of keys in chords generate characters.