Twig borer

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(Zool.) any one of several species of small beetles which bore into twigs of shrubs and trees, as the apple-tree twig borer (Amphicerus bicaudatus).

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Only a few years ago the country saw the arrival of the coffee twig borer which, according to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority, caused a reduction of 3.
Funds for research and control of Black Twig Borer and Green Coffee Scale, as well as the studies which identified a nematode as the cause of replant problems in older coffee farms in Kona, were obtained through the HCGA efforts at promoting the importance of such research.
The East African nation's coffee exports in January retreated 18% after rains interrupted harvesting and drying, and crops were damaged by mealy bugs and twig borers, the authority said.
They help control garden pests such as gypsy moths, cabbage loopers, Japanese beetles, armyworms, cutworms, sawflies, codling moths, peach twig borers, pink bollworms, tent caterpillars, squash bugs and many more.