Being of a size that will fit a twin bed: twin-size sheets.

[From twin (bed).]


or twin′-sized`,

(of a bed) approximately 39 in. (99 cm) wide and 75–76 in. (191–193 cm) long.
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each donated 35 twin-size mattresses, foundations and bed frames for the event.
Twin-size bed-swing (custom-made, other sizes available), $699.
After graduating from Carnegie Mellon, Tischler said he took a twin-size air mattress to New York City, where he eventually found an apartment with some former classmates.
The 622 mattresses currently fit king and twin-size beds in the 460 rooms at the Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre.
Need: Shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products, razors, soaps, twin-size comforters, gas cards, phone cards.
From wall hangings and lap quilts to two twin-size quilts and patterns for tracing onto fusible web, this packs in full-page color panels of completed projects and creates an outstanding set of projects perfect for any quilter seeking specific themes.
That goes double for CozyPure's Eco Terra Day Bed ($2,978), which begins with a sustainable wood frame (made from American Oak and hand-rubbed with nontoxic linseed oil), topped with a Cozy Haven twin-size mattress made from organic cotton and natural latex.
Thus, more than 340 twin-size mattresses were donated on June 10 to a community and humanitarian assistance program, who will distribute them to Bishkek hospitals.
Most of the standard rooms have a small sitting area with a twin-size pull-out couch.
Yotel's prices are approximately $50 for four hours in a 23-square-foot standard cabin (with a twin-size bed and 20-inch TV) and $80 for four hours in a 33-square-foot premium cabin (with a double bed and 23-inch TV), and hourly rates go up incrementally after that.
With your parents' permission, trace around a paper plate to make six rows of six evenly-spaced circles on a twin-size sheet.
Optional extras include a twin-size air bag for the front passenger side and window bags, while the new thorax side bags are also available.