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v. twin·kled, twin·kling, twin·kles
1. To shine with slight, intermittent gleams, as distant lights or stars; flicker; glimmer. See Synonyms at flash.
2. To be bright or sparkling, as with merriment or delight: eyes that twinkled with joy.
3. To blink or wink the eyes.
4. To move about or to and fro rapidly and gracefully; flit.
To emit (light) in slight, intermittent gleams.
1. A slight, intermittent gleam of light; a sparkling flash; a glimmer.
2. A sparkle of merriment or delight in the eye.
3. A brief interval; a twinkling.
4. A rapid to-and-fro movement.

[Middle English twinklen, from Old English twinclian, frequentative of twincan, to blink.]

twin′kler n.
twink′ly adj.
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Noun1.twinkler - an object that emits or reflects light in an intermittent flickering mannertwinkler - an object that emits or reflects light in an intermittent flickering manner
shiner - something that shines (with emitted or reflected light)
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He asked how far away those twinklers were, and whether God was on the other side of them.
But we're going to skip round among those little twinklers up there--the stars--and the splendid planets that my old man so often talks about.
THE phrase 'nul points' or 'nil pwa' became legendary during the years when Irish twinkler Terry Wogan took the gentle mick out of the Eurovision Song Contest.
On Yellow & Green, there are songs, such as Twinkler, which begins with a melodic acoustic guitar (albeit against the background of a mildly ominous sounding giant fly's buzz); there are lyrics, such as those on March to the Sea, that can seem uncommon for a heavy metal band: There was a whisper/Once there were heralds and parades/ You sang your secrets through the tolling of the tide/ The fugitive rooms, the amateur tombs/ The silence and the cries/ The quickening beat/ Your march to the sea/ Never to return; and on Purple, their latest, there are guitar solos and drum lines, such as the one on The Iron Bell, which can make them sound like a southern jam band (albeit one that is probably amped up on speed and steroids).
Field work, outreach programs, camping, spiritual retreats, physical fitness activities, livelihood activities, arts and crafts, and plays are elements of Girl Scouts lives that prepare them for responsibilities in the home and community, starting as Twinkler Scout (ages 4-6) until they reach Cadet Girl Scout (ages 15-21).
In the country's total darkness, each star becomes a twinkler and you knew if you were just a little taller, you could reach up and touch one.
Vega is the queen star of high summer: a bright, slightly sapphire-tinted twinkler. It's the brightest star that ever passes nearly straight overhead as seen from near the populous 40[degrees] latitude line on Earth.