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He added that they had agreed to hammer out a twinship agreement between both governorates for future cooperation and share of expertise at all levels.
Entwined once, now torn from our twinship I live without joy like a jeweler without jewel." The dream vision of his daughter doesn't answer the poor man's questions, but it opens an entryway toward thinking about loss.
She noted that the twinship between knowledge and technology has created a new dimension especially with the digital gap decreasing in the Arab region after most of the areas have been connected with the internet.
The MoU includes cooperation in the field of supporting twinship agreements in accordance with the regulations in force in both countries and the exchange of university students, researchers and professors to participate in scientific and medical activities in both countries.
They can even have difficulty forming deep relationships outside of the twinship. Yet no previously published book on the subject of twins effectively helps parents navigate these unique emotional challenges until "Twinsight: How to Raise Confident, Emotionally Healthy Twins" by Dara Lovitz.
Across the years we worked together, I became aware of my private twinship with Jane and its many dimensions beyond the parallel journey of recovery from a traumatic death.
(5) My goal here is to see what kinds of symbolic resonances twinship offers in sources that might have influenced Rossetti and to examine how these resonances change readings of Goblin Market.
In hindsight, thinking about the case, Kohut's notion of twinship may be relevant in this particular therapeutic interaction.
whose ultimate condition might be describable as assumed twinship. Musil
With its emphasis on a shared birth, twinship is presented as both the reason why such characters make certain misdemeanours, and the way in which they can atone for them.
This fusion is completed in "The Garden Party" (1922), where even the names of the siblings, Laura and Laurie, suggest symbolic twinship. The basis for Mansfield's relationship with her brother, therefore, is communal fusion tainted with nostalgic and religious overtones: "Lose myself, lose myself to find you, dearest" ([1927] 1954, 98).