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Verb1.twist around - practice sophistrytwist around - practice sophistry; change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive; "Don't twist my words"
denote, refer - have as a meaning; "`multi-' denotes `many' "
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The weather was extremely hot throughout and whilst the first day - 34 miles - was relatively flat, it finished with a hilly twist around the Great Orme to break at West Shore, Llandudno.
That was a one-off part and its was off of that during that season that we decided that the story could twist around to reveal that Ari was the Castor clone," Manson said.
Push a sharp knife in at the hinge, twist around and open the shell.
The other doesn't flower, its branches twist around more and in the fall this tree is loaded with lots of fruit.
Flux ropes are bundles of magnetic fields that together rotate and twist around a common axis, driven by motions in the photosphere, a high-density layer of the Sun's atmosphere below the solar corona and chromosphere.
Each of the stories has its own unique thread and they twist around each other neatly to produce a thought provoking and sensitive novel.
The types of torsion varied, not only did one horn twist around itself, but horns can twist around other horn so that they intertwine.
On left side there was one and a half twist around pedicle but the vitality of the tissue was intact.
After 10 minutes, wing Aisea Nataga was robbed by a Cardiff forward and prop Lee Smout did well to twist around and find wing Jack Phillips.
4 Finally, pull a few tendrils free at the front and twist around straighteners to create soft waves.
Some vines such as grapevines, peas and sweet peas use tendrils that twist around any small diameter support.
Though it appears comfortable for those wanting to sleep, passengers wanting to pass the time by watching movies or playing games will need to twist around - the screen faces forward while the seat faces sideways.