twist round


w>twist round

(esp Brit)
visich umdrehen; (road etc)eine Biegung machen
vt sep head, chairherumdrehen; she twisted her handkerchief round in her fingerssie drehte ihr Taschentuch zwischen den Fingern
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References in classic literature ?
To go out in the grand coach, perched upon a doorstep; to turn to the left, twist round to the right, over roads full of ruts, where we cannot exceed a league in two hours; and then to come back straight towards the wing of the castle in which is the window of Mary de Medici, so that Madame never fails to say: `Could one believe it possible that Mary de Medici should have escaped from that window -- forty-seven feet high?
In consequence many men have been killed; for if the lazo once takes a twist round a man's body, it will instantly, from the power of the two opposed animals, almost cut him in twain.
"Cross your legs and twist round, holding the back of your chair and the opposite hand to knee, and hold for a minute before switching sides," explains Julie.
Thursday, September 24 At 10.30am, as the bed is pushed through the doors, I twist round to get a final look at Mark and we blow each other kisses and smile.
Press the screwdriver firmly, and at the same time twist round the blade with the nippers.
McGoldrick's headed flick gave Gary McSheffrey the chance to surge into the right side of the box and twist round James Husband.
What has happened is that the two halves of the string have tried to untwist, but because they are connected they can only twist round each other.
A useful test is the "Ballerina Test": stand on the spot and twist round on one foot - if you get more than half way round the surface is too slippery and could need grooving.
Scenes set in Chase's childhood--a school science fair where Chase shares his passion for tornadoes or a disconcerting moment watching him twist round and round on a swing set--help humanize an illness too often held at arm's length.
My husband grips my elbow, my young daughters each twist round a leg as I stomp out.
STEP FOUR Take 4 stems of ivy, trap cut stems under hydrangea then twist round vase