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adj. twitch·i·er, twitch·i·est
1. Characterized by jerky or spasmodic motion: a cat's twitchy whiskers.
2. Nervous; jittery.

twitch′i·ly adv.
twitch′i·ness n.


in a twitchy manner; nervously
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This sardonic, gravelly character becomes quite sinister when, still invisible to us, he slyly infiltrates a woman's home to interrogate her as she twitchily vacuums the upholstery.
This isn't something she can or should do, but it seems in keeping with director Leo Farley's vision for the play, which also requires Mogentale to spent a lot of time wandering twitchily around the set--like Hackman in the film.
Ratboy Robert twitchily tries to persuade his dad to sell the land to the Kings.
In one tidy moment, Demme shows our hero, a war veteran determined to make sense of the shards of a Gulf War story (Denzel Washington, skillfully and twitchily reprising a similar role he played in Courage Under Fire), watching video cameras watching him.