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v. twit·tered, twit·ter·ing, twit·ters
1. To utter a succession of light chirping or tremulous sounds; chirrup.
a. To speak rapidly and in a tremulous manner: twittering over office gossip.
b. To giggle nervously; titter.
3. To tremble with nervous agitation or excitement.
To utter or say with a twitter: twittered a greeting.
a. The light chirping sound made by certain birds.
b. A similar sound, especially light, tremulous speech or laughter.
2. Agitation or excitement; flutter.

[Middle English twiteren, ultimately of imitative origin.]

twit′ter·er n.
twit′ter·y adj.


A trademark for an online social networking service that limits posts to 140 characters.
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Marked by or affected with tremors:


adj attrzwitschernd
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She's got most of the symptoms--is twittery and cross, doesn't eat, lies awake, and mopes in corners.
With a chorus of squawks, a pair of macaws shoot from the trees below, moving their wings in twittery pinwheels.
A comienzos de mayo hubo incluso dias en que la pagina web del grupo aparecio en blanco, lo mismo que sus cuentas de Twittery Facebook.
As one of her twittery friends said, she obviously hadn't been listening during the 'stopping distances' bit.
Tambien poseen cuentas en Facebook, Twittery Soundscloud.
Not surprisingly, then, I failed to predict just how twittery we would all become.
net service lets people communicate in a Twittery sort of way, but charges an annual $50 fee.