two times

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Adv.1.two times - by a factor of twotwo times - by a factor of two; "the price increased twofold last year"
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SARGODHA -- Additional District and Sessions Judge Abid Hussain Malik on Wednesday awarded two times death sentence to an accused involved in triple murder case of Sahiwal police station.
"Over the past day, terrorists mortared Bsharfa (two times), Beyt-Zivan (two times), Nahshabba (two times), Sandran, Darh-abu-Asad and Jubb-al-Zarour in the Lattakia province, Abu-Dali (three times), Tell Bizam, Magayr, Zalaqiyat and Tall-Maraq in the Hama province, and Western (two times) and Northwestern (two times) outskirts of Aleppo.
One man in Maryland won two times just days apart, while another man from New Jersey won over $5 million (almost P262 million) by winning three times in just one day.
"After when I was 18-years-old in Lille I got tattoo and maybe the Liverpool fans are angry because I said, two times, 'no' to sign for Liverpool."
LAHORE -- Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench and AntiTerrorist Court Gujranwala have awarded two times death sentence, 14 times life imprisonment and fine of Rs.
To understand this another way, a senior is two times more likely to make the shot than a freshman because the seniors' shooting percentage is twice as high.
They are the first act to ever represent the country two times in a row.
Qatar led the scoring two times in the first and second halves with Japan coming from behind to...
from Unit 3: Limerick Multiplication A two times a two times a two Times a two times a two times a two Times a two times a two Times a two times a two Equals one thousand twenty four.
I bear witness that there is no God except Allah (said two times)
It is not the case that two times may always be substituted by twice (and three times by thrice).