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n. Baseball
See double.
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(ˈdʌb əl)

adj., n., v. -bled, -bling,
adv. adj.
1. twice as large, heavy, strong, etc.; twofold in size, amount, number, extent, etc.
2. composed of two like parts or members; paired: a double sink.
3. suitable for two persons: a double room.
4. twofold in character or meaning; dual or ambiguous.
5. marked by duplicity; deceitful; hypocritical: a double life.
6. folded in two.
7. (of a bed or bedclothes) full-size: a double blanket.
8. (of flowers) having many more than the normal number of petals.
9. anything that is twice the usual size, quantity, strength, etc.
10. a duplicate or counterpart.
11. a person exactly or closely resembling another.
12. a hotel room with two beds or a double bed, for occupancy by two people.
13. an alcoholic drink containing twice the usual amount of alcohol.
14. a fold or plait.
15. a sharp reversal, as of course.
16. a trick or artifice, as of argument in a debate.
a. an understudy.
b. an actor who plays two or more parts in a play, usu. minor roles.
18. a substitute who performs feats or actions in a movie or TV show too hazardous for a star.
19. Also called two-base hit. a hit in baseball that enables the batter to reach second base safely.
21. doubles, (used with a sing. v.) a game or match, as in tennis, in which there are two players on each side.
22. (in bridge) a bid by an opponent indicating belief that the declarer's bid will not succeed or informing one's partner that one's hand is of a certain strength.
23. to make double or twice as great; add an equal amount of.
24. to fold or bend with one part over another (often fol. by over, up, etc.).
25. to clench: to double one's fists.
26. to be twice as much as.
27. to sail around (a projecting area of land).
28. to pair; couple.
29. (in bridge) to challenge (a declarer's bid) by calling “double.”
a. to be a double for (an actor).
b. to perform (a role or roles) as an actor cast in more than one part.
31. Baseball.
a. to cause the advance of (a base runner) by a two-base hit.
b. to cause (a run) to be scored by a two-base hit (often fol. by in).
c. to put out (a base runner) as the second out of a double play.
32. to become double.
33. to bend or fold (often fol. by up or over).
34. to turn back on a course; reverse direction (often fol. by back).
35. to serve in an additional capacity: The director doubles as bit player.
36. to act as a double in a play, motion picture, or the like.
37. to hit a double in baseball.
38. to play an instrument besides one's regular instrument (usu. followed by on).
39. to double-date.
40. double up,
a. to share quarters planned for only one person or family.
b. to bend over, as from pain.
41. to twice the amount, extent, etc.; twofold.
42. two together: to sleep double.
1. double in brass, to serve in more than one capacity.
2. double or nothing, a bet in which one either wins twice as much as one has bet or gets nothing.
3. on the double,
a. without delay; rapidly.
b. in double time, as marching troops.
[1175–1225; Middle English < Old French < Latin duplus]
dou′ble•ness, n.
dou′bler, n.
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Noun1.two-bagger - a base hit on which the batter stops safely at second basetwo-bagger - a base hit on which the batter stops safely at second base; "he hit a double to deep centerfield"
base hit, safety - (baseball) the successful act of striking a baseball in such a way that the batter reaches base safely
line double, line-drive double - a double resulting from a line drive
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Elk Grove had a chance to win it in the eighth when Leach hit a two-bagger and got to third with two outs.
Pierzynski's two-run two-bagger in the second, Dustin Pedroia did it on Napoli's double into the right field corner in the third, and Brock Holt came home from first on Pedroia's double to left-center in the seventh inning.
"I felt that two-bagger was a flash in the pan," recounted Waddell.
Two-bagger in the gap, clear the bases, send them home; all in a day's work.