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Noun1.two-dimensionality - the property of having two dimensionstwo-dimensionality - the property of having two dimensions
dimensionality - the spatial property of having dimensions; "all matter has dimensionality"
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Consider his seas and clouds: we gaze at the blues of the waves only to be struck by an edge or a sharp cut, betraying their two-dimensionality. Here, clouds are not immense bodies of smoke but kitschy decors in carnival rides breakable wood, artificial perfume.
Using evocative lighting and flat cardboard props, the scenography underlines the two-dimensionality of the world Voltaire is mocking and refocuses the audience on the living, breathing characters who eventually come to realize that they must learn to "make their own garden" at the end.
Sebastian Romo's Cuaderno de apuntes (Notebook), 2013, with three semitransparent prisms emerging from a notebook open almost to the middle, mediated the three-dimensionality of the objects with the two-dimensionality of the page inhabited by words and unidentified sketches.
These stances preserve the now-freestanding slab's two-dimensionality, creating a divisive line in space between one side, exposed to the viewer, and another that is hidden, with bends and tucks compromising the boundary between the two.
Two-dimensionality extension and kernel extension are two important aspects.
This two-dimensionality recurs at pivotal moments throughout the book--a historical flattening that restricts its rich subject matter to binary sexual borders.
The writer does not baulk at the filmmaker's shortcomings --notably sexism and the sometimes two-dimensionality of Lee's characterisations.
"I began to feel the weight of real creation," Chamoun writes, "not the mere depiction of things: a shift from seeking traditional techniques of perspective, modelling and foreshortening to a free play with shapes, colors and lines stressing the two-dimensionality of the painting."
squatting down in two-dimensionality, no longer kinetic, slicing through
Viva's artwork is a bit like Miro for children, with hand-drawn lines and circles, two-dimensionality and a favouring of black and primary colours.
Early shots set during the 2011 revolution promise a gritty punch that later feels like a feint, due to strident scenes and relationships only hinting at two-dimensionality. The pic's Abu Dhabi fest prize, along with Bouzid's rep, could translate into decent fest play.

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