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Adj.1.two-footed - having two feettwo-footed - having two feet      
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'With feet', 'two-footed', 'winged', 'aquatic', are differentiae of 'animal'; the species of knowledge are not distinguished by the same differentiae.
NEIL HARRIS blasted Rotherham captain Richard Wood for a "horrendous" two-footed challenge on Lions keeper Jordan Archer.
If he was two-footed then he'd probably have scored another five goals this season.
He told us that "two-footed driving, when practiced and an automatic reflex, is more efficient by about a tenth of a second or greater, a potential big difference.
This shocking video of a man apparently lunging into a stranger with a two-footed 'tackle' was posted onto Facebook by a top footballer who described it as a "cracker".
A top footballer posted a shocking video of a "mate" who ploughed into a passer-by with an horrific two-footed lunge.
Allardyce said: "We feel disappointed Schneiderlin was still on the pitch because it's a two-footed challenge.
Ronaldo flew into a two-footed tackle on the PS86million Welshman, who replaced him as the world's most expensive player.
SUNDERLAND v MIDDLESBRO' TOMORROW, 1.30PM SUNDERLAND boss Martin O'Neill has backed suggestions that referees are to be ordered to punish all two-footed challenges with red cards.
WIGAN boss Roberto Martinez has entered the row over Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany's dismissal last week by insisting every two-footed tackle should lead to a red card.
Isn't it better to have a wide man who can cross two-footed rather than tackle two-footed?
Martinez was angry after he was apparently told the red card was for a two-footed tackle and accused referee Stuart Attwell of "lying".