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1. Requiring the use of two hands at once: a two-handed sledgehammer.
2. Made to be operated by two people: a two-handed crosscut saw.
3. Able to use both hands with equal facility; ambidextrous.
4. Having two hands.


1. requiring the use of both hands
2. ambidextrous
3. requiring the participation or cooperation of two people
ˌtwo-ˈhandedly adv


1. having two hands.
2. ambidextrous.
3. involving or requiring the use of both hands.
4. requiring or engaged in by two persons.
two′-hand′ed•ly, adv.
two′-hand′ed•ness, n.
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Adj.1.two-handed - equally skillful with each handtwo-handed - equally skillful with each hand; "an ambidextrous surgeon"
2.two-handed - requiring two hands or designed for two peopletwo-handed - requiring two hands or designed for two people; "a two-handed sledgehammer"; "a two-handed crosscut saw"; "a machine designed for bimanual operation"
handed - having or involving the use of hands; "a handed, tree-living animal"; "a four-handed card game"


[ˈtuːˈhændɪd] ADJde dos manos; [tool etc] → para dos manos


[ˌtuːˈhændɪd] adj (Tennis) two-handed gripimpugnatura a due mani


(tuː) noun
1. the number or figure 2.
2. the age of 2.
1. 2 in number.
2. aged 2.
having two (of something). a two-door car.
ˌtwo-ˈfaced adjective
decitful. a two-faced person.
ˌtwo-ˈhanded adjective, adverb
(to be used, played etc) with two hands. a two-handed stroke.
twosome noun
two people; a couple. They usually travel in a twosome.
ˌtwo-ˈway adjective
able to act, operate, be used etc in two ways or directions. two-way traffic; a two-way radio.
ˈtwo-year-old noun
a person or animal that is two years old.
(of a person, animal or thing) that is two years old.
in two
(broken) in two pieces. The magazine was torn in two.
References in classic literature ?
And Colette's frequenters, thrillingly conscious of wrong-doing and 'that two-handed engine (the policeman) at the door,' were perhaps inclined to somewhat feverish excess.
compared two-handed and one-handed CAD working styles in a recent study: The two-handed working style--using a mouse in one hand and a three dimensional motion controller in the other--showed considerable ergonomic advantages over the one-handed style of using a mouse and modifier keys, according to the study.
If you happen to be a two-handed, follow-through hitter who can't seem to change, you should at least practice releasing that top hand when hitting off the batting tee.
the Modem Isosceles as the best two-handed combat shooting technique, the truth is that either will do just fine.
Personality assessment of the children was based on reference groups of normal two-handed peers in test manuals and test handbookds.
It was Weaver who first tested the concept of two-handed, eye level shooting in almost all circumstances.