two-handed backhand

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Noun1.two-handed backhand - a backhand shot made holding the racquet in both handstwo-handed backhand - a backhand shot made holding the racquet in both hands
backhand, backhand shot, backhand stroke - a return made with the back of the hand facing the direction of the stroke
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Until now, Kerber's defensive two-handed backhand, which she digs out from an almost sitting position, had been her most important shot.
However, the Romanian became frustrated as she struggled with accuracy and the lefty sent a two-handed backhand long to hand Wozniacki a trip to the second round.
Muguruza was ruthless against Rybarikova with her favourite shot, the two-handed backhand, bringing up a break point in the second game.
Studies on backhand stroke mechanics have compared elbow muscle activities in one- and two-handed backhand strokes (Giangarra, et al.
When Murray's aggressive two-handed backhand went just wide, he turned and blew a kiss to his coach Boris Becker - who has won this event three times.
Nadal continued to wilt as the fourth set began and shortly after Brown sent a brilliant two-handed backhand down the line, he was broken again.
If you do participate in racquet sports, consider scheduling some sessions with a qualified coach who can give you tips for improving your stroke technique (in tennis, switching to a two-handed backhand may help).
Herlihy's aggressive shot-making, especially his signature lethal two-handed backhand down the line, is a striking counterbalance to Ames' smoothly consistent game; the players' styles couldn't be more contrasting.
He said that he tries to allot a few minutes to practice his two-handed backhand on a daily basis and tries to add more time as day passes by, but he admitted that his injured wrist still hurts a bit.
Chang, known for his tenacious baseline defence and two-handed backhand shots, became the youngest-ever man to win a Grand Slam when he triumphed at the 1989 French Open at the age of 17.
Chaudhry later sealed his fine triumph with a two-handed backhand winner that his rival could not return.