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Adj.1.two-humped - having two humps
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A petroglyph of a stupa and a Bactrian, or two-humped, camel.
An ancient image of a two-humped camel has been discovered in the Kapova cave in the Southern Ural mountain range.
Few images are more enduring in the historical imagination than a train of two-humped Bactrian camels plodding across desert sands from west to east, or vice versa, across the vast open spaces of Eurasia.
Mr James said the chain saw the return of the "two-humped camel shape" trading that first emerged last year, with sales peaking on Black Friday and once again in the clearance sales after Christmas.
During a winter festival in Mongolia, a country north of China, people race two-humped camels across the Gobi Desert.
The researchers tested a range of domestic animals for viral antibodies, including the two-humped Bactrian camel, but found positive results only in dromedary camels.
1 Seafood and potato dish (8) 5 Decorative fringed tuft (6) 10 Fancy goods (5-6) 16 Taken - - -, surprised (5) 18 Two-humped camel (8) 19 Former superpower, - - - Union (6) 20 Coastal village, - - - of Lochalsh (4) 22 Chemically unreactive (5) 23 Spanish lady (6) 24 High-speed warship (7) 25 Dangerous position (3,4) 26 Me Too!
The two-humped youngster is settling in well and hundreds are expected to flock to see the new family member this weekend.
The recurring original 'Perhaps she'll die' gives way to the quasi-blasphemous 'By cripes, that's Crook!' What follows is the swallowing of a cohort of animals from the Australian bush plus a two-humped camel and finally a ute!
Hopefully, we can now look into cloning other camelids such as the two-humped camel.
I feel humbled, maybe a little scared, and wonder why this assignment to document the world's champion eco-warriors, the desert nomad, and their herds of two-humped Bactrian camels seemed like such a good idea.