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Adj.1.two-lane - having a lane for traffic in each directiontwo-lane - having a lane for traffic in each direction
multilane - (of roads and highways) having two or more lanes for traffic
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The NHA would construct additional two-lane carriageway of 66 Kms along the existing two-lane of Petaro-Sehwan Road and 43 Kms along the existing two-lane of Ratodero-Shikarpur Road.
So why replace a two-lane bridge with another two-lane bridge?
The project also includes the construction of ramps and a two-lane bridge from Dubai to the Island, and a single-lane ramp from Al Khail Road to the Island as well.
In China, the second-class highway and the third-class highway are all two-lane highways, and the fourth-class highway can be two-lane or single-lane highway.
This 6km stretch is the only two-lane stretch on the road that extends from RAK to Abu Dhabi.
And he warned about a "danger" of a two-lane motorway rather than a proper three-lane motorway through the region.
The work involves widening of the existing 110 km two-lane highway to four-lane for 110 km from Yavat in Pune to Indapur in Solapur.
As a regular bus and car user I can verify that the buses were not affected by the two-lane system.
Knowles said the two-lane limit would be necessary to create room for other parts of the design, such as wider medians and transit lanes and the local access lane.
The I-73 would also alleviate two-lane congestion around the Michigan International Speedway and the Irish Hills recreational area.