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Adj.1.two-lobed - having two lobes
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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The dumbbell-shaped objects look a lot like the two-lobed outflows created by protostars.
The floral parts include a two-cleft calyx, five (rarely six) two-lobed petals, and seven to 20 stamens.
The thyroid gland is a two-lobed gland in the neck, which produces two hormones that affect many processes in the body.
As apparent, the radially polarized excitation results in a strong longitudinal local field at the tip apex (corresponding to [theta] = 0[degrees]), made up of a single hot spot, and weaker orthogonal transverse components (corresponding to [theta] = 90[degrees] and [PHI] = 0[degrees] and [theta] = 90[degrees] and [PHI] = 90[degrees], respectively) of almost equal magnitude appearing as two-lobed patterns.
Two-lobed urethral flap was the only exclusive character shared between K.
Detonating a bomb on one half of a two-lobed asteroid, for instance, may have no effect on the other half, notes Steve Ostro of JPL.
3E): Biramous; protopod two-lobed, coxal endite with eight setae, basal endite with two stout setae and two setae; endopod three-segmented with 3, 2, 5 setae; small exopod with four plumose setae.
The primary bronchus branches into successively smaller bronchi; two secondary bronchi supply air to each lobe of the two-lobed left lung and three secondary bronchi serve the three-lobed right lung.
has gained a patent regarding the Toroid style insert, The Toroid two-lobed insert is designed for 3-, 4 or 5-axis milling of materials, including mold and die steels, cast steels and cast irons, stainless steels, aircraft alloys, aluminum, titanium and non-ferrous alloys, carbon graphite and other non-metallics.
Two-lobed cams take five measurements at two shear rates.
Because many monocot cotyledons have a clasping base with two thick sides flanking the growing point, some thin longitudinal sections of a cotyledonary node can produce a two-lobed outline with a central growing point.
About 90% of the screw designs are two-lobed; three-lobed screws are available for high dispersion.