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Adj.1.two-pronged - having two prongs
divided - separated into parts or pieces; "opinions are divided"
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There is no doubt that the meal, at which the invitation was tendered to me which has occasioned this digression, was disposed of somewhat ravenously; and that the gentlemen thrust the broad- bladed knives and the two-pronged forks further down their throats than I ever saw the same weapons go before, except in the hands of a skilful juggler: but no man sat down until the ladies were seated; or omitted any little act of politeness which could contribute to their comfort.
The man to whom the order for the oysters had been sent, had not been told to open them; it is a very difficult thing to open an oyster with a limp knife and a two-pronged fork; and very little was done in this way.
"Government will continue to follow its two-pronged approach of development and calibrated police action to deal with the Naxal problem," Chidambaram said.
In a two-pronged attack, the nationalists will raise concerns over fuel increases in both the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments.
This has been accomplished with a two-pronged approach--a modification and relaxation of the old innocent spouse rules for all joint filers and a new separate liability for separated and divorced spouses who qualify.
Stagecoach's drive for firms in the EU is part of its two-pronged programme which involves bidding for all 12 remaining rail franchises - including ScotRail.
At that time, he says, there was a two-pronged migration from Asia to the New World, consisting of hunters who took an inland route and people who traveled down the coast by boat, exploiting the marine environment.
New Delhi, April 23, (ANI): Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Friday said the government would continue to follow a two-pronged approach to deal with the Naxal problem.
There are drawers for his favourite Japanese knives and olivewood, two-pronged cooking fork, as well as adjustable flaps at either end for extra workspace.
(For the facts of the case and the Court's opinion, see the Tax Clinic item, "Supreme Court Rules Two-pronged Test Applicable When Amortizing Intangible Assets," TTA, July 1993, at 438.)
The results of this study do not show that the vaccine could actually prevent AIDS, but they do suggest that the two-pronged immune system may be enticed to subdue the lethal virus.
The two accuracy-related provisions of greatest concern to most taxpayers are (1) the substantial understatement component and (2) the two-pronged component for negligence or disregard of the tax rules or regulations.