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Adj.1.two-wheeled - of or relating to vehicles with two wheelstwo-wheeled - of or relating to vehicles with two wheels; "a two-wheeled cart"
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I never knew the carriage to go out so often before; when the mistress did not go out the master drove himself in the two-wheeled chaise; but now, whether it was master or the young ladies, or only an errand, Ginger and I were put in the carriage and James drove us.
Some of it was told by an emaciated and sceptical old fellow with a tremendous whip, while we trudged together over the sands by the side of a two-wheeled cart loaded with dripping seaweed.
Jean-Pierre brought the two-wheeled spring-cart with a rush into the yard.
Ascending by the long white road that Tess herself had just laboured up, she saw a two-wheeled vehicle, beside which walked a man, who held up his hand to attract her attention.
We'll just take one of these two-wheeled sardine tins that you people call hansoms, and get round to the hotel as quick as we can.
They told him of their little diseases, and, more important, the diseases of their tiny, sure-footed cattle; of trips as far as Kotgarh, where the strange missionaries live, and beyond even to marvellous Simla, where the streets are paved with silver, and anyone, look you, can get service with the Sahibs, who ride about in two-wheeled carts and spend money with a spade.
There was a little two-wheeled cart inscribed with the name of Thomas Lobb, Greengrocer, New Malden, with a smashed wheel and an abandoned tin trunk; there was a straw hat trampled into the now hardened mud, and at the top of West Hill a lot of blood-stained glass about the overturned water trough.
Swaffer started the mare, the deplorable being sit- ting humbly by his side, through weakness, nearly fell out over the back of the high two-wheeled cart.
In a recent joint hearing, the House Committees on Transportation and on Public Order and Safety approved the substitute bill for four different legislative proposals seeking more readable and larger license plates for two-wheeled vehicles.
HK), the leading electric two-wheeled vehicle brand in China, and Lightning Motors Corporation ("Lightning") from the U.
HK), a brand in the green-energy two-wheeled e-vehicle industry, engaging in designing, researching, manufacturing and selling green-energy two-wheeled e-vehicles, has introduced its Z3 electric motorcycle globally.
Terry Pace and and Lee Bowers thrill the Goodwood crowd with a dramatic two-wheeled display in the Jaguar F-Pace